Proven Programs

Uncle Dan’s Report Card

As I shared the one-of-a-kind 1914 Report Card that belonged to my Uncle Dan—with a “Home Report” on the right side, and a “School Report” on the left side—parents and teachers asked the same questions: ” Where did this go? Can we bring this back?”

So, in 2005-06, with the assistance of Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, a new version of Uncle Dan’s Report Card was introduced in three Kansas school districts across the state. The Home Report was updated to add a few contemporary habits, such as “Manage Screen Time”. After children focused on the habits at home for six weeks, the research documented that the report card was already helping to improve behaviors!  These learning materials for home and school, developed for the Kansas pilot program, can be downloaded here.


Baby Buffer

A “Baby Buffer” is a caring, responsive, consistent parent, who uses the latest information on how a baby’s brain works to give her baby the best possible start in life. Being a Baby Buffer® can be really easy—it includes taking time to interact and give your baby lots of “face time”, letting your toddler safely explore his world, and using positive discipline with your child.  We were honored to be the community partner with the Kansas Chapter-American Academy of Pediatrics in the development of this program.


Sunflower Celebration

The Sunflower Ambassador program is celebrating over 17 years of character education in the Blue Valley School District in the suburban Kansas City, Missouri area. This program, administered by the Blue Valley Educational Foundation selects a staff member and a 4th, 7th and 11th grader from each Blue Valley school who?are nominated by a peer in an essay. The essays are judged and Ambassadors selected based on who best exemplifies the seven Blue Valley Virtues including; compassion, courage, honesty, respect, responsibility, perseverance and self-discipline.


Kindness is Contagious…Catch It!

“Kindness Is Contagious: Catch It!” began in a single suburban Kansas City, Missouri area school over 25 years ago and has since spread to more than 400 public schools in the area and numerous schools across the country. The activities and materials support the nonprofit organization Synergy Services. In support of the program, psychologists say that educational programs focusing exclusively on the dangers of a certain behavior, without corresponding models of right behavior, are unlikely to succeed. This program focuses on celebrating and focusing on kindness, respect and compassion in everyday life.