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Our mission is to prevent adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress to improve our health, learning and behavior and build consistently caring, supportive and protective relationships in which to grow.






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Our Story

Our proven, practical, research-based love and limits approach to raising healthy, happy children is built on a foundation of developmental, neurological and behavioral psychology which studies children in “real” settings—home, schools, and playgrounds. This approach has served millions of families worldwide in our combined roles as co-authors of best-selling parenting books; on the psychology staff of a state hospital for children; as a psychologist in a major suburban school district; in publishing many national parenting publications; through conducting numerous parent groups, seminars and workshops; in consultations with school districts and mental health centers; and in writing extensively about parenting for radio, magazines, newspapers, and digital media. And most importantly, along with our loving spouses, in raising our own four children with love and limits, of course! Through our innovative Foundation, we are bringing our experience in parent skill-building to the new public health movement of preventing toxic stress in children’s lives, starting with our flagship initiative, Behavior CheckerTM, making healthy parent skill-building a systematic, effective, integrated part of a pediatric practice.


Barbara C. Unell & Jerry Wyckoff

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We chose the symbol of this site—a person with outstretched arms reaching up to a loving heart—as a visual reminder of the power we hold in our hands every day by reaching out to connect with one another. Remarkable brain and social science research reveals that our positive relationships are reliable predictors of lifelong good health, and responsible, resilient and respectful behavior, starting from our earliest days of life. Read more...

"Disciplining a child includes making rules. I prefer to think of this parenting task as “setting limits.” It can be very frightening for a child not to have limits. Not only can the world outside be frightening, but the world inside, the world of feelings, can also be scary when you're not sure you can manage those feelings by yourself."
- Fred Rogers, of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood